The Heritage

dedication &
hard work.”

These are not just words, these are the values that inspired Don Andres Brugal Montaner to found Brugal in Puerto Plata, back in 1888.

Since then, five generations of our family have lived and breathed these values. And it’s their journey that has truly made us who we are today.

Photograph of Founder Don Andres Brugal Montaner


Don Andres Brugal Montaner moved to the Dominican Republic with one idea: to perfect the art of rum-making. So it was, that in 1888, the Brugal company – and the Brugal legend – was born.

Don Andrés Brugal Montaner

(1st generation)

Photograph of present day Maestro Roneros, Jassil and Gustavo


Nearly 130 years later, our rum is still crafted by the Brugal Family; only family members can become a ‘Maestro Ronero’. Jassil and Gustavo, from our 5th generation, now hold that honor.

Jassil Villanueva Quintana & Gustavo Ortega Zeller

(5th generation)

Several Generations of the Brugal Family gathered around a table sipping Brugal

The Maestro Roneros of Today

Jassil Villanueva in Warehouse holding Glass aloft

Jassil Villanueva

“Growing up, I remember trips to the Brugal Warehouses with my father. Some people said back then that it was my destiny to work there – but to begin with, my business studies came first. Then, following a series of internships at Brugal, my love, passion and interest deepened, which eventually led to the role I’m so proud to play today.

I’m excited to be the first female Maestra Ronera at Brugal, helping to communicate the passion of the brand to peoples and cultures around the world. It’s a life that I can’t help but enjoy.”

Gustavo Ortega Zeller in Warehouse nosing Glass

Gustavo Ortega Zeller

“My earliest memories of Brugal go back to my childhood, when I visited the warehouses and bottling facilities during my holidays. As a boy, I never imagined that, just 25 years later, I would be overseeing production myself. But in 2008, I was invited to join the family business and, following my first experience in the tasting room, I knew it was the life for me.

Now, as a Maestro Ronero, I know how much wisdom, passion and hard work has gone into preserving and continuing the proud legacy of Brugal, from one generation to the next. I feel blessed to be part of it.”


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